Living in Manhattan: a $60M apartment & a 90sq.foot apartment

by autopiloteditor on April 5, 2011

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If you’ve been following us along (and if you have a big thank you!) you’ll remember that New York is by far the most expensive city to live in. CNN recently reported that homes in Manhattan actually cost 5 times more than the average paid by Americans.  Although the home prices in Manhattan may be falling by 30% to a more ‘affordable’ price (a little over $1000 per square foot!) Manhattan is still an extremely pricey choice for those of you looking to move into the bustling city. Take for example, the penthouse below at The Mark Hotel. The enormous penthouse feature 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a powder room for a total of 9,799 sq. feet selling for $60 Million. Yes $60 Million dollars.

For most of us, shelling out the $60 Million (or $33,445 a month) to make this beautiful penthouse suite in Manhattan our own would be impossible. But that’s not to say you can’t live in Manhattan comfortably (subjectively speaking) on a tighter budget. Say you have $700 a month rent budget but you are dying to live in the middle of the Big Apple next to Central Park – well then Felice Cohenhas the perfect 90 sq. foot solution for you.

Felice Cohen, a professional organizer and writer, has been living in her 90 sq. foot apartment for the last three years paying only $700 a month in rent. Cohen cleverly laid our her work desk and elevated her sleeping space in order to fit all her necessities into the 12ft by 7ft studio apartment.  Her bed now sits 23 inches from the ceiling, there is no kitchen, keeps only two plates, one fork and one spoon, and sometimes has to sit sideways on her toilet seat to keep her knees from banging against the other side of its walls.  Despite all this, Cohen says that her friends sometimes prefer staying at her place instead, and she has fitted up to 9 people in her modest apartment. Check out the video below for a tour:

At the end of the day, Manhattan may be a pricey place to live, but it seems there is ‘enough’ space for those who have millions of dollars, or even if those who are on a shoe-string budget.

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Brodsky Organization April 19, 2011 at 11:07 am

It’s so interesting to see the disparity in living scenarios in New York. While Felice’s ingenuity should be awarded, it would be hard for the average New Yorker to live in such tight quarters. The $60 million penthouse, however, seems a lot cozier!


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