Paint Your Home – Get a Free Mortgage!

by autopiloteditor on April 7, 2011

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Ok. So it’s really not that simple.

Adzookie, a mobile advertising company, launched a new marketing concept on its website on Tuesday, that involved painting residential homes into massive billboards and in return they will pay for the mortgage for the duration which your home becomes an advertisement. If you take a look at the mock-up above you’ll see that it isn’t painting a corner, or a wall or small section of your house – it’s the entire outside. Is it worth it? Apparently so – the CEO of Adzookie, Romeo Mendoza, reported that by late afternoon on the launch date they had already received over 1,000 applications – one even from a church (CNN). However the budget on the program is only $100,000 meaning there will only be a limited of these brightly colored houses.

There is some fine print to the deal: you have to sign a contract where you agree to have your house painted for at least 3 months and you have to own your home but after the initial 3 month agreement you can extend the agreement up to 1 year or Adzookie will repaint your home back to its original colors. The painting itself will take approximately 3-5 days per home and Mendoza expects to spend around $8,000 per home on painting alone. The information is scarce on Adzookie’s website regarding this program, but if you are interested you can visit their website here, and submit a form to see if you are eligible to have your house boasting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube above your living room window.

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