Bi-selling? Charlie Sheen Post His Pad for Sale

by autopiloteditor on May 26, 2011

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Charlie Sheen has put up his LA home for $7.2 million after purchasing a new one in March for $7.5. Sheen has lived in the home since 1997 but has recently moved on to a bigger bi-winning 9,020 square foot mansion. The previous Sheen home that is on for sale now is 7,924 sq ft in size with 5 bedrooms and  7 bathrooms. The house boast a large terrace chef-ready eat-in kitchen, swimming pool spa, a view of the canyon and many other amenities. Sheen first purchased the home in 1997 for $2.5 million dollars but his new $7.5 million dollar home is still only chump change as Forbes has reported that Charlie Sheen as made approximately $40 million dollars in the last 12 months. Meaning the LA Mulholland Estates home didn’t actually have to post for sale as Sheen most definitely does not need the money despite being unemployed. We however, will not attempt to dive into the mind of Charlie Sheen in the case that our mind’s might explode.

For more information visit our source (photo of Sheen via Pacific Coast News)

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