Realtors are True Professionals – the 2011 NARs Member Profile

by autopiloteditor on May 17, 2011

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The folks over at have released the newest version of the NARs (National Association of Realtors) Member Profile. We previously released member statistics of Realtor in our infograph post earlier this year. The newest profile report were based on members of the Realtor network which accounts for half of the approximately 2.0 million active real estate agents in the United States. We thought that it would be interesting for you,  our readers to understand more about the average real estate agent so that when you meet or choose a real estate agent for your needs you know better what to expect.

Amongst some of the stats released in the report we found that the fact that many Realtors are seeking specialized training more and more often to be a benefit for both the agent but also you. NAR President Ron Phipps, stated that there are now 35% of Realtors hold at least one of six certifications in specialized training, a significant increase from 24% in 2010 and 16% in 2009. This increase in training for Realtors as Paul Bishop, NAR vice president of research, mentioned that this gives Realtors more expertise in a large amount of topics.

What we did notice was that in the report, it indicated that only 62% of Realtors had a personal website and only half of those that responded use social or professional networking sites. We find this a little astounding as the digital revolution will change the shape and landscape of the industry. Most real estate transactions actually occur online, even before seeing a real estate agent in person and we can see this statistic rising much much more over the years.

For more information and statistics you can view our source here at NAR.

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