Your Very Own 19 Bedroom Mansion for $150,000?

by autopiloteditor on May 31, 2011

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No, we didn’t lie. The title isn’t there just to catch your attention. The price IS $150,00. There is no disclaimer…well not really. CNN Money recently released a video on their website that went through some cheap real estate grabs that we found to be astonishing in price, although of course with a light dent in your wallet there is bound to be another trade-off. Most of the cheap housing, as you may have guessed, are in areas that are less desirable. Places such as Youngstown in Ohio or Ocala in Florida are a few amongst the cheapest in the country. A 19 bedroom mansion in Youngstown is selling only for $150,000 in the historic area of ¬†the city which is still (and may never) recover from the economic downturn. The industrial city has suffered since the steel mill and automotive industry took a hit and the median price of a home sold in 2011 is $55,000. ¬†Illnois, Florida and other homes outlined in the video vary from $55,000 and upwards with the most expensive being the mansion outlined above. At these prices the real estate is practically a steal. The trade off in this case would be of course having to relocate to areas that might not be as popular or away from the bigger cities but as vacation homes or retirement home. Check out the video below from CNN for more information

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